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So, nice to meet you, I'm Tamar Kalif. I'm a visual communication student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, working towards graduation. I spent a semester in London (best supermarkets in the world) on a student exchange program in 2021 at the UAL, University of Arts London. I'm an illustration major, but as you can see from my work, I play with every printed visuals there are.

I'm currently based in TLV after 2 humidity-less years in Jerusalem (very much appreciated), and I'm the only one here who loves mint chocolate. Seriously, prove me wrong. I’ve been doing freelance work for 2 years, and worked in marketing. I most enjoy when I can act as a mentor to others, and pass along what I’ve gathered through my still-early experiences.

My graphic aesthetic derives from textures, grid and off-grid systems, vibrant colors and contrasts—together or combined, since I believe design is meant to catch the eye instantly, and in memorably. I believe that my innate sense for asking the right questions is the best tool that I have when it comes to generating new designs.

Ready to make the world pretty together?

If you're on this page I guess you want to know more about me as a person, besides just my work.

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